Change With Your Password // javascript, css

Change with your password generates motivational passwords to help you better your life. It provides tips, such as ‘Save10%salary’, ‘Save4trip@thailand’ or ‘Adopt@d0g!’ to use when you log in, and hopefully change a habit or two. The site helped 5K+ unique visitors in its first two weeks.

Let There Be Fucking Light // arduino

We've never had a problem working late. But when Mate's desk was at a spot where motion detectors couldn't see him, he slowly started going crazy. The solution was an Arduino-controlled middle finger that prevented the lights from going off.

Tweetanic // javascript, css

It's been over 100 years since Titanic sent out her distress calls desperately, but the help arrived too late. lets your messages find their receivers in a moment and tweet like a Sir using morse code.


STEP 1: Tweet about your life or cat


STEP #2: Your friends will see a mysterious message in their feed. By clicking the link the original message was decoded letter by letter.

STEP #3:  The signals were also played using html5 audio element and generated on-the-fly from javascript.

CryptTalk // UX, design

Adam has helped create CryptTalk, an Internet-based communications service, which guarantees secure calls and instant messaging without special hardware. It provides maximum security and protects your sensitive calls from eavesdroppers!


2014 - Innovation Tech Show - The Most Innovative Company
2014 - CTIA - one of the 40 most promising mobile technology companies in the world

Kinetic Mirror // arduino, processing

An installation which reflects our movements but is stripped from any expression. Using a webcam and FaceOSC, Processing grabs the position of the head and sends it to Arduino via serial. It then controls three servos simultaneously to follow the movements of the head in real time.

Instagotham // street photography

Tramping on the vivid streets of New York City is like walking through a picture book. Via Instagotham Mate captures the exciting and ever-changing fabric of NYC. In six months the project have attracted 1500+ followers and was featured on Mashable.

Gone With The Wind // arduino, processing

Miniature desk installation displays the wind direction in certain cities in real time. Using Yahoo's Weather API it updates the servo's angle in every 10 seconds and the little windsock turns to the opposite direction of the wind. The servo's right position on the table was measured by a compass. Built using Onformative's YahooWeather library for Processing